Why Detox?

While detoxification means to get rid of harmful toxins and or substances which a person can become addicted to, such as alcohol and drugs, the word also has an additional meaning. Detoxification has developed into its own special meaning within the field of natural health. Doing a detox means removing harmful or potentially damaging substances from our bodies, our environment and our diet.

There are many harmful substances that we are exposed to and that we are directly or indirectly affected by. These can be harmful to one's health and can possible reduce one's vitality and spark. Through the process of detoxification, one can get rid of accumulated harmful toxins / substances that stress our systems.

Examples of harmful toxins / substances:

*Toxins from household cleaning products.

*Heavy metals which can enter drinking water.

*Alcohol, cigarette smoke, other drugs.

*Makeup, hair dyes, perfumes, cleaning products.

*Food preservatives and additives.

*Air pollutants ie. car fumes

While the body is capable of flushing out some of these substances, some of them can be stored in the body and build up over time.

By eliminating or flushing out toxic substances and by minimizing the amount taken into the body, we can help to improve our overwell wellness and health which is what we here at SmarTea feel very passionate about.