Benefits of drinking tea, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle

Benefits of drinking tea, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle

At SmarTea we believe that our teas assist with weight loss, but are not the only answer. In order to see great results you need to be living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This includes eating a balanced healthy diet, moving the body regularly (exercise), doing things that are great for the mind, keeping a positive mental attitude, and making yourself a priority ensuring you sufficiently rest and nuture your body.

* Good food puts you in a good mood. High sugar, high carb and heavily processed foods can be hard for the gut to process easily and are not always nutrient dense. We believe a persons diet should consist largely of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and lean proteins. Also ensure you drink plenty of fresh water to flush out the body.

* Exercise is the best! There is no substitute for that natural buzz that you get after a good workout. This is due to the release of endorphins in your body which decrease our sense of pain and increase our happiness and sense of pleasure.

* Mental Health and Weight loss go hand in hand. If your happy and healthy you are more likely to lose weight easily. Stress can have both negative and positive effects on weight loss.

Lifestyle changes are not always easy so we encourage you to start with tiny steps first. For example, if you do not exercise at all you can start by doing a ten minute walk a day and then slowly building it up over time. Doing too much too soon will be a shock to your system and may cause fatigue. A cup of tea (hot or cold) is a great healthy alternative to sweet drinks, making a small change like this will make a huge difference in the long run.

Many studies have shown a strong link between tea drinking and weight loss. Three most common types of teas are green tea, black tea and oolong tea. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to teas that they like so finding one that suits your tastes should be of primary importance. We do also recommend adding lemon, honey or other fruits if you would like to naturally sweeten your brew. The ingredients we use in SmarTea have been used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to aid weight loss. Numerous studies have shown these benefits of drinking tea regularly:

*Hydrates the body

*Reduces the risk of heart attacks

*Improves digestion

*Reduces stress

*Helps with bone density

*Mental alertness

*Promotes healthy skin

*Reduces diabetes symptoms

*Soothes the stomach

*Helps with body odour

*Eliminates bad breath


*Lowers Cholesterol

*Weight loss

*Fights free radicals

With all of these benefits in mind it is obvious why tea is so popular worldwide. By incorporating herbal teas and making small healthy lifestyle changes you will look and feel amazing, boost your health and happiness.