Receiving positive reviews from our customers reinforces how amazing our products are. We have sold thousands of our teatox programs and are proud to assist our customers achieve their goals. Whether it be to make healthier choices (swap out a sugar drink for a cup of tea) or assist weight loss, we are extremely confident in the results of our products. Here are just a few of the many testimonials from our happy sippers. 



"I love a natural body cleanse every now and again to help get out those nasties and relieve bloating etc. especially after holidays. Smartea 14 day TeaTox ticks all my boxes. 100% natural organic, No laxatives." Rosanna Arkle via instagram.


"I have tried many teas and by far Smartea is the best. I've even lost weight with their 14 day cleanse tea. Providing the exercise and diet are on point. The service is great and prompt!! I am a happy customer" -  Rush G via our facebook page.


"I would highly recommend smartea 💞
I have been taking their evening tea, morning tea & green tea for a couple months now & it’s helped a lot with bloating & weightloss! I love the quality of their tea & love all the ingredients that are in each tea! Also how cute are their tea bags?! Taste wise it tastes really nice and is easy to drink" - Paige S


"I love this tea! I was looking forward to trying this! And I’m so glad I did! It is now my favourite, the taste is so amazing and it makes you feel so good after!! What a bonus" - Trinity J


"This tea has given my skin new life! It tastes amazing as well. I noticed the blemishes fade after drinking this for a few days" - Millie M