SmarTea® Limited (founded in 2016) is a New Zealand based company whose mission is to help enhance the overall health of its customers.

Our teas use only the best ingredients and we are proud to say they are 100% natural and organic.

Our founder has always had a passion for health and wellness. When she discovered there was a high demand for detoxifying teas within New Zealand she jumped at the opportunity and SmarTea was then created.

"I believe everybody should detoxify the body regularly, just as you should service your car regularly to keep everything running smoothly. My husband and I have tried many different detox programes including juice cleanses, teatox packages and capsule cleanses. Our favorite by far is the teatox (or detoxing with the aid of tea). What is great about a teatox is the results are almost instant and you can also eat food whilst on the cleanse. I pretty quickly realised that the taste, ingredients and brewing techniques are crucial to the results of the cleanse. I have therefore formulated my Total Teatox with these factors in mind. Along with a healthy diet I believe SmarTea® can assist anyone in achieving their health and wellness goals.  I hope you enjoy my teas as much as I do." ~ Katrina